How USB Disruptor Works

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How does it work?
Plug USB Disruptor’s power supply into a wall outlet, directly or with an extension cord, or into your power filtering equipment. The USB cable from your computer plugs into the Disruptor, and then the Disruptor plugs into your USB DAC.

USB Disruptor works as a system to guarantee the digital stream isn’t molested on its journey from computer to DAC or audio interface. Our technology does three things to stomp out harmful interference: 1. We physically separate the 5 volt power wire from the USB cable, 2. We cut out the computer 5 volt and its interference from the chain completely and replace it with a virtually noise free power source, and 3. We cut out the influence of the conductive outer shells of the USB cable by deactivating them.

This is a unique approach in the marketplace today and the effect of these three taken together multiplies the benefits. The whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts.

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To learn more about why your computer degrades high resolution audio please visit our Dirty USB Power page. For scientific evidence of USB Disruptor's effect please visit our Proof of Efficacy page.
About our power supply: specially designed ultra voltage stable device with overheat and short-circuit protection.
Test it with your own ears, 30 day no hassle return policy:
We provide instructions so you can test it in your system. Your ears are the final decision maker. For example, we recently tested “Soul Kitchen” by The Doors, 24/96 resolution from We found that with USB Disruptor in the circuit Jim’s voice is more isolated and more distinct in space. See diagram below. He sounds more clearly defined and seems to hang in space well above the center of the speakers. Bass and percussion is tight and focused, no loud or boomy bass. Without the Disruptor his voice and the instruments are not as focused. The bass gets boomy, the percussion more diffuse. The picture below illustrates our findings.