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USB Disruptor Type B


USB Disruptor Type B 8675309

30 day no hassle return policy*

USB Disruptor includes a USB Type B adapter. Type B is the most common for USB DAC's. The adapters are interchangeable making USB Disruptor compatible with any USB DAC. If you have a micro USB connection please purchase our adapter.

We include a specially designed ultra voltage stable power supply with overheat and short-circuit protection.

An LED light on the Disruptor circuit board indicates power is active.

The external casing is injection molded polymer that accomplishes two goals: it's lightweight and does not conduct a current. This makes mounting the unit to your DAC possible, if the unit is too heavy it could damage the USB input on your DAC.

Shipping: USPS Small Flat Rate Box ships anywhere in the US for $7.20, we pass this cost directly to our customers.

*We offer a 30 day no hassle return policy. If you are unhappy for any reason please return the unit to us within 30 days of delivery. It must be in working condition with no cosmetic damage. We will refund the full purchase price including shipping.

Please return the unit to the following address:

Truth in Systems, LLC, 11 Indian Road, Waltham, MA 02451

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USB Disruptor Type B USB Disruptor Type B USB Disruptor Type B

What you can expect
from our products

Anywhere a USB cable is being used for audio you’ll get immediate audible improvements with the patent pending Disruptor circuit.

The Results: The music actually sounds different.

You’ll hear the spaces between notes. Instruments sound like they’re in the room. USB Disruptor will take your digital system to new heights.

Eliminates that harsh digital sound.

High resolution audio tracks sound as intended: crystal clear and three dimensional.

Our innovative design optimizes USB DAC’s by improving the digital connection to the computer.

Replaces dirty computer power link with external clean power source.

Cuts out negative influence of dirty computer USB power.

Cymbals and violins render perfectly.

``It has taken my sound to another level``

Stop Wasting Money on Expensive Treatments

USB Disruptor restores the spaces between notes by disrupting the polluted electrical flow from your computer. The difference can be amazing.