Truly hear your high-resolution computer audio files. USB Disruptor optimizes USB DAC’s.

The Problem:

Computers and computer-like devices create noise and interference from the normal activity of the various electrical components that compose a computer. Hard drives, screens, power supplies, memory, etc., all draw current and cause power spikes, and in turn create noise. USB cables are not optimized for high resolution computer audio streaming. Not only do they carry the noise generated in the computer to the USB DAC, they align the power wire inside the cable to the digital signal lines. The signal lines are intertwined with the power line, and electromagnetic interference from the power line affects the cadence of the digital stream. In addition, the metal mounting hardware of the USB cable can pass a current. This allows more electrical interference to work its way into the USB DAC. It’s a poor design for high resolution computer audio.The combination of noise from the computer and the flawed USB cable design affects the sound of computer audio in subtle though impactful ways.

Technically speaking, high resolution computer audio should be the best sounding of all sonic mediums. It’s the most data dense of all digital mediums. However, many audiophiles report getting better sound with vinyl, SACD’s, and CD’s. That is because the USB standard is not optimized for computer audio, until now.


This Digital is Better than Vinyl, find out why

The Solution:

The unique USB Disruptor circuit corrects the problem.USB Disruptor works as a system to optimize the digital signal transfer from the computer to the DAC. The circuit accomplishes three goals:

  1. The physical separation of the power flow from the USB cable eliminates negative effects on the digital signal lines during signal transfer from computer to DAC.
  2. The power from the computer is cut out of the loop and replaced with a virtually noise free external power source to cancel any negative effects of loosely regulated computer power.
  3. The conductive metal mounting hardware of the USB cable is deactivated to prevent computer noise and other extraneous noise from leaking into the DAC.

Let your ears be the judge

USB Disruptor Type B


USB Disruptor Type B 8675309

You need to try a Disruptor in your system, so I offer a 30 Day Refund Policy* to give you the confidence to try a new approach. This is real, it works, and you'll be delighted! I guarantee it!

Anywhere a USB cable is being used for audio you’ll get immediate audible improvements with the patent pending Disruptor circuit.

The Results: The music actually sounds different
You’ll hear the spaces between notes. Instruments sound like they’re in the room. USB Disruptor will take your digital system to new heights.
  • Eliminates that harsh digital sound
  • High resolution audio tracks sound as intended: crystal clear and three dimensional
  • Our innovative design optimizes USB DAC’s by improving the digital connection to the computer
  • Replaces dirty computer power link with external clean power source
  • Cuts out negative influence of dirty computer USB power
  • Cymbals and violins render perfectly

Please watch our video to learn more

What does the USB Disruptor do?

Imagine you spend $100,000 on your stereo and you plug this in and it makes the sound better. How can that be?
It's the source, and it's virtually all computer sources. If you're connected to your stereo with a USB cable from your computer, if you're streaming high resolution tracks, like 24/192, then likely you're not hearing your DAC at its best.
The computer's various electrical processes generate EMI and RFI, there are myriad power supplies involved, all creating electrical fields and likely leaking noise. This noise can leak into your DAC and make the sound fatiguing at times, you sometimes get harsh notes, it just doesn't feel right, and definitely not for extended listening periods - think 8 hour sessions.
I've had Disruptors in my systems for years now and I never get fatigued, I don't hear harshness unless the artist intended for it to be harsh. The music swings and shines, it draws you in and you just want to drift away into it.
I used to get there at times in the past but something would ruin it. After all the treatments like reclockers, signal processors, room correction software, noise absorbing wall panels, and expensive interconnects and power cords, what made the most impact was cleaning the source, the computer. That just made everything sound its best. And it makes sense, it affects everything downstream. If the source is pure the result is going to be different. And what I'm saying is that this is the purest I've ever heard my music: the backgrounds are are silent, voices hang in space, bass notes render in three dimensions, it's like you can reach out and touch the notes - it's a spectral experience.
I always have people ask me where the other speakers are in my listening room. It's just two!!

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USB Disruptor includes a USB Type B adapter. Type B is the most common for USB DAC's. The adapters are interchangeable making USB Disruptor compatible with any USB DAC.

Shipping: USPS Small Flat Rate Box ships anywhere in the US for $7.90, we pass this cost directly to our customers.

*We offer a 30 day no hassle return policy. If you are unhappy for any reason please return the unit to us within 30 days of delivery. It must be in working condition with no cosmetic damage. We will refund the purchase price.

Please return the unit to the following address:

Truth in Systems, LLC, 11 Indian Road, Waltham, MA 02451

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USB Disruptor Type B USB Disruptor Type B USB Disruptor Type B USB Disruptor Type B


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Mike T.

“All I can say is wholly sh*%!  The impact your USB Disruptor made to my listening experience was incredible.”

Stereo Times Review

“In all honesty I was not prepared for the level of improvement the unassuming USB Disruptor would provide.”

TNT Audio Review of USB Disruptor

“The USB Disruptor is now a permanent contributor to the pleasure I derive in listening to great recorded music. Highly recommended.”

San Francisco Audiophile Society Review

“The USB Disruptor is one of those products that once its effect is heard, it’s hard to imagine not having in the system. Its effect was very positive, and for a measly $150, a no-brainer, since (to me) it’s easily worth five times the price!”