Truly hear your high-resolution computer audio files. USB Disruptor optimizes USB DAC’s.

The Problem:

Most computers are just not designed for high resolution audio streaming. The USB standard allows for line level voltage to swing about 5%. What that means is in the USB cable, if you’re running it from the computer to the DAC, the 5 volt power coming from that line is vacillating between 0 and 5% – sometimes it’s putting out 5 volts and sometimes it’s 4.9 volts, and sometimes 5.1 volts, and so on. This can cause problems with sensitive electrical devices like your USB DAC. The technical outcome of poor line level power regulation is ripple voltage, which is basically electrical noise, and this could impact the way your DAC behaves.

The Disruptor power supply has .1% line regulation. That is 50 times more precise than your computer!

Computers and computer-like devices create noise and interference from the normal activity of the various electrical components that compose a computer. Hard drives, screens, power supplies, memory, etc., all draw current and cause power spikes, and in turn create noise. The computer is a noisy place!

Adding to the problem of the computer already being noisy, USB cables themselves do not seem to be optimized for high resolution computer audio streaming. They can leak computer noise to your USB DAC via things like the metal mounting hardware of the USB cable. This may allow more electrical interference to work its way into the USB DAC. Even the physical proximity of the USB cable power wire to the digital signal lines, within the cable itself, could impact performance, hence the availability of audiophile USB cables that separate the power wire.


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The Solution:

The unique USB Disruptor circuit corrects the problem.USB Disruptor works as a system to optimize the digital signal transfer from the computer to the DAC. The circuit accomplishes three goals:

  1. The power from the computer is cut out of the loop and replaced with a virtually noise free external power source to cancel any negative effects of loosely regulated computer power.
  2. The conductive metal mounting hardware of the USB cable is deactivated to prevent computer noise and other extraneous noise from leaking into the DAC.
  3. The physical separation of the power flow from the USB cable may reduce or eliminate negative effects on the digital signal lines during signal transfer from computer to DAC.

Let your ears be the judge


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“All I can say is wholly sh*%!  The impact your USB Disruptor made to my listening experience was incredible.”

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“In all honesty I was not prepared for the level of improvement the unassuming USB Disruptor would provide.”

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“The USB Disruptor is now a permanent contributor to the pleasure I derive in listening to great recorded music. Highly recommended.”

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“The USB Disruptor is one of those products that once its effect is heard, it’s hard to imagine not having in the system. Its effect was very positive, and for a measly $150, a no-brainer, since (to me) it’s easily worth five times the price!”