Experience the full impact of your equipment, hear the silence between notes!

“Easily worth five times the price!” – SFAC Review

Right now your computer is injecting unwanted power frequencies into your audio chain. It travels down your USB cable into your DAC, limiting high-fidelity.

USB Disruptor cuts the dirty computer power out of the audio loop, restoring high-fidelity, and allowing you to finally experience the incredible clarity, impact, and organic feel of your favorite high-resolution audio files. Learn how and why here.

Don’t believe us? Try one at no risk with our 30 Day Trial Offer: you may return the Disruptor within 30 days of delivery for a full refund of the purchase price. 


San Francisco Audiophile Society Review

“The USB Disruptor is one of those products that once its effect is heard, it’s hard to imagine not having in the system. Its effect was very positive, and for a measly $150, a no-brainer, since (to me) it’s easily worth five times the price!”

TNT Audio Review of USB Disruptor

“The USB Disruptor is now a permanent contributor to the pleasure I derive in listening to great recorded music. Highly recommended.”  

Stereo Times Review of USB Disruptor and DaBigGenius™ products

“In all honesty I was not prepared for the level of improvement the unassuming USB Disruptor would provide.”