After all these years with the USB Disruptor I still admire how different my own feelings are about music. I started to cry this morning when listening to HD Tracks Phil Collins “If Leaving Me is Easy.” The French horn, if that’s what it is, and the cymbals are absolutely ethereal – Phil’s voice permeates and floats around the soundstage and when he cries out “if leaving me is easy, then you know coming back is harder” at that point I’m in tears because I’m in a heaven.

It was a rush of time through me, going back to my first stereo at 16 and within a few weeks upgrading the CD player. The rest is decades of refinement, so many components, I have so many DAC’s and cords, my god I must have 2800 cords! I believe I’ve tried it all.

The Disruptor is special, it allows high-resolution tracks to deliver on their promise. There is nothing better you are going to hear in a computer based playback system.

The Disruptor was designed by me but refined by a genius. He had a PHD in Physics, arguably the highest academic achievement, and he made the Disruptor board special. He also designed the power supply that has a .1% line regulation. For those of you that don’t know that is superlative and 50 times tighter in tolerance than the computer’s USB power line!! What does that tell you??

The Disruptor, a DAC, and quality high-rez recordings easily beat vinyl setups. I know because I have a turntable here and I sourced the finest and best audio quality record, it’s like double thick by the way, and yes it’s Harry Styles Fine Line. I got the HD Tracks high-rez Fine Line and isolated my custom phono preamp made by a German fanatic – comparable to $10K+ units – and plugged that into my Krell Vanguard – go somewhere else if you think Krell is somehow not perhaps the greatest integrated – and using a calibrated decibel meter I balanced each channel. So then I fired up the album and tracked it with the digital and did real time A/B testing in the listening area and the difference is stunning. As I have always said, vinyl is a novelty. I enjoy watching the record spin, there’s life to it. But let’s be clear, high-resolution digital not only should be the most superior medium, the dynamic range hits over 120 decibels and that is the difference you hear. In poor digital systems I might agree the vinyl had more swing and life, but not here. Not with the Disruptor.

The Disruptor is art, high art. It needs to be honored for what it is and the years of development. For many years people have been unsure about the way it looks and suggesting a polished up product with shiny metal and lights would be more effective and sell better. You know, so you can show your friends the fancy audio jewel that makes it sound better, etc. I reject that, I reject that because the Disruptor is already high art. The highest sonic art. It is totally unique – again, the board design is special, the traces cancel reflections- that’s what a genius can do people, and you will not understand it, you need to hear it to understand.

Who cares what it looks like, it will make you and them cry for its art and you’ll chide yourself for not trying it sooner.

Why should you listen to me? You should not, you should listen to the Disruptor and if you can’t hear the difference maybe your don’t have golden ears. You can go to the Boston Museum of Science and test yourself against the animals. I can hear down to the elephants and up into the bat range. Random people I pulled aside to do the same test could not. I know what I can hear. Can you?

If you’re not happy for any reason you may return the Disruptor for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.