My DAC doesn’t need the computer power, or does it?

It does not matter, our customers experience improvements with all DAC types. There are many paths of interference the Disruptor blocks that have nothing to do with the DAC’s need for 5 volt power.

I’ve already invested in expensive cables and my DAC is very high quality, what additional benefit would this provide?

DAC’s and computers have the very same USB chipsets. They are made in factories around the world for pennies. If you have a computer or computer-like device connected by USB cable to any audio electronic interface, whether it be a DAC, SPDIF Converter, Soundboard, etc., the dirty power from the computer could be limiting the performance of your system. Many of our audiophile customers have spent considerable time and money on their computer audio setups and have gotten even more enjoyment out of their investment by incorporating USB Disruptor.

How should I set my DAC, should it upsample?

When you get your Disruptor and hook up for the first time please remove any devices you may have, such as Jitterbug, or Regen, or Intona products, and any all other USB type treatments. You must create a baseline. Your DAC should be set to a basic decode setting, minimum phase filter (ideally no added filtering at all), no upsampling engaged, let it decode at native resolution, and for your initial testing use the best quality recordings you have, preferably 24/96 and up. Listen for a while and then go ahead and take the Disruptor out and go back to what you had, try different combinations, and decide for yourself what sounds best to your ears.

How long does it take to break-in?

It takes about an hour for the power components in the power supply to get to the optimal operating temperature. Plug it in, wait an hour, and enjoy your first listening session. After that just keep in plugged in all the time.