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*If for any reason, not deemed outside the intended use of the product, the unit fails to operate due to a defect in the product components or workmanship, the unit will be repaired or replaced at no charge.

“After my euphoric experience with Rob Priore’s USB Disruptor I stand amazed and humbled in the knowledge that he has developed a couple of simple, unassuming (and unabashedly inexpensive) USB products that may take your computer-based audio systems to new heights, as it did mine.” – Stereo Times
“…since inserting this simple effective product into my system, I am enjoying even more engaging and enjoyable music, with the right timbre, dynamic range, and spatiality of soundstage to produce truly excellent lucidity of the music rendered. Sometimes, I feel that the digital file playback is the best musical presentation I get from my current system configuration.” TNT-Audio