Hi, my name is Rob Priore and I invented the USB Disruptor. I’m a software expert and have been involved with computers for most of my life. I started using my computer for audio when the MP3 revolution started, but not for serious listening. With the introduction of studio master quality recordings in computer format like WAV and FLAC the paradigm changed for me. The recordings are incredible, streaming dense data at 50 times the data density of MP3’s.

While everything should have been rosy the new recordings quickly exposed flaws in my equipment. I got a lot of high pitched and biting tones, often I would get fatigued after listening for too long. Thus began several years of trying different DAC’s, speaker wires, interconnects, power cords, amplifiers, speakers, but all the while keeping the computer as the source and using a USB cable to transfer the data to the DAC. The sound improved with each change.

Having spent so many years with computers both professionally and for fun it seemed totally implausible that a USB cable could have a sound, or could influence the sound. Analog music signals do not travel down that wire, it’s just data, thus it should not be affected at all by the cable. But that’s not true because audio grade USB cables do in fact change the sound and there are many USB treatments now on the market that do in fact sound different. This bothered me based on my experience with computers, it simply shouldn’t be the case, unless something else is going on. If highly engineered USB cables could improve sound then they must be rejecting some extra noise or interference, which is consistent with well engineered speaker wires and interconnects. From that idea was born the USB Disruptor. I put a prototype together and started listening. I was floored by what I heard, and soon after started the company.

If like me you’ve spent many thousands on your DAC, you should try USB Disruptor. The difference may surprise and delight you.

Happy listening! Best wishes, Rob Priore