Working with a software analyzer, USB DAC, USB Analog to Digital Converter, I am happy to showcase some of our findings.

What you see below is a GIF animation of two analyzed sequences of music. These are the first few keyboard strokes of Soul Kitchen by The Doors, 96/24 from In one image no Disruptors, in the other, Disruptors engaged. The version with Disruptors is different, it’s narrower and more defined in areas.


The next image is heavily zoomed, note the change in shapes with and without the Disruptors. These changes may account for the differences we perceive with our ears while using the USB Disruptors. More refined notes, better definition in space, you’ll note the peaks and troughs are smoother and shorter with the Disruptors engaged. That may account for why we experience tighter and sharper presentation of bass and percussion, and more dimension around notes themselves.



Special thanks to 360 Test Labs for their assistance: