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DaBigGenius™ No 5 Volt Audio Grade USB Cable Type B

  • The DaBigGenius™ No 5 Volt Audio Grade USB cable is designed specifically to work with powered USB audio applications. The five volt wire has been physically severed.
  • DaBigGenius™ No 5 Volt Audio Grade USB cable does not allow current to pass through the outer connectors/fittings. This reduces interference coming from the computer and other sources. This is an objective difference in USB audio cable design.
  • Cables are offered in 1M, 2M, and 3M lengths. For the ultimate in performance combine a USB Disruptor with a DaBigGenius™ cable.

Micro USB Adapter


This adapter is for USB DAC’s with a micro connection. The micro is too small to support the weight of the Disruptor so you’ll need to use this adapter.

USB Disruptor Type B

  • USB Disruptor includes a USB Type B adapter. The adapters are interchangeable making USB Disruptor compatible with any USB DAC.
  • We include a specially designed ultra voltage stable power supply with overheat and short-circuit protection.
  • An LED light on the Disruptor circuit board indicates power is active.
  • The external casing is injection molded polymer that accomplishes two goals: it’s lightweight and does not conduct a current. This makes mounting the unit to your DAC possible, if the unit is too heavy it could damage the USB input on your DAC.