USB Disruptor is a simple yet effective tool to help you unlock the full sonic potential of your high-resolution audio recordings.

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USB Disruptor can make a transformative impact to your computer based audio system, even surpassing the organic feel of vinyl.

USB Disruptor can take your system to new heights: perfectly silent backgrounds, voices hang in space, bass notes render in three dimensions, you can visualize the musicians… and the notes themselves almost take on a physical quality – it’s a spectral experience.

The problem:

Most computers are just not optimized for high resolution audio streaming.

The USB standard allows for line level voltage to swing about 5%. This sloppiness can cause problems with sensitive electrical devices like your USB DAC. The technical outcome of poor line level power regulation is ripple voltage, which is basically electrical noise, and this could impact the way your DAC behaves. The USB Disruptor power supply has .1% line regulation. That is 50 times more precise than a typical computer!

Adding to the problem is USB cable design.

The mass of USB cables on the market today, audiophile or not, could leak computer noise to your USB DAC via things like the metal mounting hardware of the USB cable. This may allow more electrical interference to work its way into the USB DAC. Even the physical proximity of the USB cable power wire to the digital signal lines, within the cable itself, could impact performance, hence the availability of very expensive audiophile USB cables that separate the power wire. Those cables solve only part of the problem. Watch our How it Works video below to see for yourself how USB cables may leak interference into your DAC.

The solution:

The unique USB Disruptor circuit works as a system to optimize USB DACs. The circuit accomplishes three goals:

  1. USB Disruptor’s custom power supply and circuit design blocks dirty computer power from the source, and replaces that dirty power with clean and tightly regulated audiophile grade power!
  2. The USB cable mounting hardware is made non-conductive to block noise from invading your DAC.
  3. The power line is separated from the data lines, like in expensive audiophile USB cables.

How it Works Video

TNT Audio:
“The USB Disruptor is now a permanent contributor to the pleasure I derive
in listening to great recorded music. Highly recommended.”

Stereo Times:
“In all honesty I was not prepared for the level of improvement the unassuming
USB Disruptor would provide.”

San Francisco Audiophile Society:
“The USB Disruptor is one of those products that once its effect is heard,
it’s hard to imagine not having in the system. Its effect was very positive,
and for a measly $150, a no-brainer, since (to me) it’s easily worth five times the price!”

USB Disruptor customers report being either “happy” or “very happy” using the Disruptor with the following DACs:

Antelope DAC
Apogee Groove Black
Arte Forma DAC
Audioengine D1
Audioquest Dragonfly Red v1.0
Aune T1 Mark II
Ayre Acoustics QB-9
Ayre Codex
Benchmark HDR1
Bryston BDA 2
Cambridge Audio Azur 851C
Cambridge Audio DacMagic
Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus
Chord Qutest
Denafrips Ares II
Emotiva XDA-2
Exogal Comet Plus
FiiO Olympus 2 E10K
Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11
iFi Micro iDSD Black
iFi Pro iDSD
Korg DS-DAC-10R
L.K.S. Audio MH-DA004
Maverick Audio D1
Micromega MyDAC
NuForce DAC (unknown type)
NuForce uDAC5
Oppo BDP-105D  DAC
Peachtree (unknown type)
Peachtree Nova
Pro-Ject DAC Box S2+
PS Audio DirectStream
PS Audio NuWave
Schiit Gugnir multi bit
Schiit Gungnir (old version, but USB gen 2)
Schiit Modi 3 multi bit
Schiit Modi Uber
Schitt Modi (original version)
Schitt Yggdrasil (latest version)
Stax SRM D-10 dac/amp
Topping D10
Topping D50
Topping D90
Topping DX7
Wadia 121